Last call for World Confectionery Conference early bird rates

With deadlines for our World Confectionery Conference preview edition looming, this is just a simple call to all who have yet to register for the event that these are the last couple of days for our early bird rate for the event, which is well worth taking advantage of.

For a special rate of £30 off entrance to this year’s show, contact our sales manager Chris Meer at [email protected] by no later than 5 August to ensure you gain the reduced entry fee, for your chance to get on board what will be a dynamic and memorable event that will once again place industry sustainability in the spotlight, as well as issues of delivering business resilience and innovation amid a period of much change and disruption in wider global markets.

This year’s show has a packed programme of speakers representing the full value chain of our combined confectionery, snacks, ingredients and bakery markets. Join us to hear insightful presentations from the likes of Caobisco European confectionery body, through to the likes of Ferrero, Cargill, FMCG Gurus research group, Nestle, plus a wealth of other key enterprises and industry groups, including York Cocoa House, Fairtrade, GNT, Cama, Luker Chocolate, Farmforce, Ghana Cocoa Board and Sweetdreams confectionery among many others.

This year’s show also includes a special early morning networking session taking place at the venue, so please do get in touch with me directly to express an interest in that (there is no additional cost, but we will need to know numbers in advance) so email me at [email protected] by the end of this month to register your interest there. We are aiming to cover some hot topics including delivering business resilience, and supporting women’s development within the industry.

In addition, another notable element of the event will be our second day (6 October) courtesy of York Cocoa House confectionery group, which is also speaking at our main conference day, with its managing director Sophie Jewett taking to the stage, who will be leading the activities for that second day – to register for that (it includes a free morning session and additional chocolate masterclass for a small extra fee (well worth doing, and Confectionery Production will also be represented there too), so don’t miss out on this aspect too and register your interest as soon as possible this month at –

To get your early deal for World Confectionery Conference 2023, please email [email protected].

Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production




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