Healthier confectionery

One of the core features for our next edition is set to focus on healthier ranges of confectionery hitting shelves around the world.

Making environmental headway

The design and development of packaging systems and associated end product materials have undergone a considerable series of improvements in recent years.

A year of promise despite trading challenges

As was demonstrated at ProSweets and ISM last month, there have been some significant finished product launches, as well as equipment within the packaging and wrapping segments of the confectionery market.

ISM and ProSweets deliver once again

Preparing for ProSweets and ISM events typically involves a considerable amount of planning and logistics – but this year proved once again it was well worth the effort.

Reflecting on a desert confectionery highlight of the year

Confectionery Production editorial board member Andy Baxendale recently visited Saudi Arabia, where he helped launch the country’s first ever range of British fudge. Here is his account of his experiences as a Middle Eastern sweet pioneer.