Gelling agents focus: Let’s talk texture

Confectionery Production examines how the latest in gelling agents and thickeners are helping confectionery manufacturers to create products that cater to a variety of subsectors, from fortified gummies to vegan candy, without compromising on taste and texture. Daisy Phillipson reports

Special focus: Forming and extrusion market challenges

Extrusion processes for confectionery have become ever more elaborate over the years, with consumers demanding a greater array of sweets and snacks options. Confectionery Production explores recent sector developments. Neill Barston reports

Bühler’s Networking Days event highlights core sustainability goals

In a demonstration of the commitment of businesses to be at the forefront of tackling the climate crisis to protect and restore nature and biodiversity, and close the gap in wealth distribution, 1,000 representatives of the world’s leading companies from 95 countries gathered in Uzwil at the Bühler Group’s global headquarters this week to discuss the urgent need for business to come together to accelerate the transition towards sustainability. 

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