Focus: Better-for-you, sugar reduced and extended flavour ranges all among 2021’s key confectionery trends

Though we are only a few months into 2021, it is presenting some intriguing trends within confectionery, including continued interest in better-for-you, sugar reduced ranges, in addition to an enhanced range of flavours being a core market driver for ice cream, according to Innova Market Insights

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Spotlight: James Cadbury unveils latest HiP plant-based chocolate series

As the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder John Cadbury, James Cadbury has some serious confectionery pedigree. Neill Barston quizzes him about the ongoing development of his own ethically focused business, Love Cocoa, over the past five years in the UK, and development of a new oatmilk brand HiP, with 35% less sugar.

Spotlight: Theegarten Pactec develops suction support sealing for confectionery packaging

Devising optimal packaging for sensitive chocolate products is no easy task. As Theegarten-Pactec explains,  it requires an effective combination of technical precision and the ideal packaging material. Drawing on decades of experience, the Dresden-based company has developed a special process called “suction supported sealing”. This not only allows chocolate products to be packaged more carefully, but also saves material to the benefit of the environment and makes processes more stable.

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Focus: Nestlé-backed Terrafertil releases its key Nature’s Heart immune system boosting snacks

Developing plant-based snacks with wellbeing properties is at the heart of many company’s agendas, with Nestle being no exception to this – with its linked business, Terrafertil, releasing an extended range its Nature’s Heart brand, which is among the major releases within the segment for 2021, as the company explains.

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