Focus: Nestlé-backed Terrafertil releases its key Nature’s Heart immune system boosting snacks

Developing plant-based snacks with wellbeing properties is at the heart of many company’s agendas, with Nestle being no exception to this – with its linked business, Terrafertil, releasing an extended range its Nature’s Heart brand, which is among the major releases within the segment for 2021, as the company explains.

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Germany’s ZDS confectionery college marks 70 years within the industry

The year 2020 proved a very notable for Germany’s ZDS central college of the confectionery industry, as much as it has proved for all companies, employers and employees worldwide. The consequences of the ongoing covid crisis have also affected its academy. The organisation, which is on our editorial board, marks its 70th anniversary this month, offers a view on its upcoming activities  

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Focus: BCMPA contract manufacturing association notes key growth amid the pandemic

Demand for outsourcing services remained high during 2020 as many brand owners and manufacturers, including those within confectionery, snacks and bakery markets, sought to respond to changing market requirements brought about by the pandemic, according to the BCMPA, the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics.

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Focus: Cargill drives momentum with ongoing cocoa sustainability schemes

Ethical sourcing of cocoa remains a core issue for the sector, with manufacturers including Cargill, a sponsor of this year’s World Confectionery Conference, revealing its ongoing initiatives. Editor Neill Barston speaks to Kate Clancy, company sustainability manager, on tackling child labour, and supporting key producing communities

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Focus: Lollipop and hard candy manufacturers and equipment businesses continue to weather economic storm

The hard candies and lollipop segment of the confectionery market has had its challenges this year, as with all other areas of the sector. Neill Barston speaks to several businesses, FB Washburn, The Sweety Guy, and Loynds machinery, that have been weathering the present storm. Neill Barston reports 

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