The secrets for success in meeting demand for healthier confectionery bars

Bars offer a quick and convenient source of energy for health-conscious consumers. According to a study conducted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the top three arguments when making a purchase decision are muscle gain, weight loss and improved athletic performance. However, when it comes to the production and packaging of health bars, key aspects should be considered compared to conventional granola or chocolate bars. Josua Schwab, of Syntegon Technology, explains more

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Approaching new confectionery product development with an eye for success

Within a highly competitive market, manufacturers of confectionery and bakery goods are working harder than ever to enable their products to stand out from the crowd amid a major pandemic. Food and confectionery consultant Graham Godfrey, a Confectionery Production editorial board member, examines what exactly makes a product a hit with consumers.

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