Make sure to be part of our 90th anniversary celebrations at the fourth edition of the World Confectionery Conference

Plans for our World Confectionery Conference in Brussels, Belgium are continuing to take shape, with our event on 12 September set to highlight key sustainability developments and innovation right across our sector.

There will certainly be no shortage of talking points for this year’s event, with the sector experiencing a raft of challenges over the past year which have seen the industry respond in adapting their operating practices accordingly. (See our preview video for the show here).

But one thing is for sure, the confectionery sector continues to march on, as demand at all ends of the spectrum remaining relatively buoyant, as consumers continue to seek out some much-needed treats.

As for our event, among our keynotes for this year’s shows, we have Cargill, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ferrero, Caobisco, Mintel and FMCG Gurus, which will ensure a varied and dynamic programme that will aim to educate and entertain in equal measure. We have also added a chocolate tasting experience day on 13 September for good measure in the Belgian capital.

Our programme is now near completion, so we’re down to our last couple of commercial slots with the event, so if you are interested in being part of our fourth edition of the conference, which marks Confectionery Production’s 90th anniversary, then don’t miss out, get in touch urgently this month. Please email advertising manager Chris Meer for details at [email protected]

For now, a big thanks to all those who have engaged with the event so far, so we very much look forward to welcoming you in Brussels in a few months’ time.

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