Barry Callebaut begins work on advanced new Ecuador cocoa facility

Barry Callebaut laid the foundation for future growth of the cocoa value chain in Ecuador in a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art, cocoa facility in Durán.

Upon completion, the site will receive, dry, clean and store cocoa beans and prepare for export to its cocoa and chocolate factories in the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe.

The facility will also host its Ecuador offices and will form the based for more than 40 employees. This project represents a significant investment in Ecuador and shows our commitment to further develop the value chain of this fast growing cocoa producing country.

“As a global leader in the cocoa and chocolate industry, we are excited about the opportunities associated with Ecuador cocoa bean production as well as its great growth potential. We are proud to continue investing in a country where we have been present since 2007, said  Steven Retzlaff, President Global Cocoa.

“With this state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are making a long-term commitment to the country and its cocoa producing sector. Our team is looking forward to moving into the new premise, further developing business relations with existing and new partners, and enhanced our sustainability programmes with Eucadorian cocoa farmers, added Angela Gubser, managing director, Ecuador, on the newly opened operations.

The company has been sourcing cocoa from Ecuador since our foundation in 1996. This cocoa is used in a wide range of our products, including the well-loved and special single origin couvertures Carma Milk Ecuador, Callebaut Origine Ecuador, and Cacao Barry Equateur.

Ecuador is well known for the cultivation of “Cacao Nacional”, also known as Arriba, a flowery-fruity flavored variety of cocoa. The cultivation of the more recent, highly productive, CCN51 variety has increased significantly in recent years, helping to establish the country as the third largest cocoa producer in the world after Ghana and Ivory Coast.

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  1. Enrique Pozo says:

    Good evening, my name is Enrique Pozo. I was elated to see that our country is investing on one of our innitial successful commodity, cacao.
    Currently I am employed as a plant manager in a midsize plant in Guayaquil, with 20 year experience in this field and have a Chemical Engineer degree.
    Therefore, I would like to take the oportunity to seek for a position and an appointment.
    Thank you and will be looking forward for your response.

    • Neill Barston says:

      Thanks for your contact Enrique, glad you enjoyed the piece. I think you would be best advised to contact the company directly (details can be found on its website), as they will be able to offer information on recruitment. Regards, Confectionery Production

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