Ferrero unveils major Valentine’s confectionery series

Ferrero is aiming to spread the confectionery love this Valentine’s and Easter, with an extended range of products for the season across the company’s core ranges, writes Neill Barston.

With the crucial early portion of the year providing a valuable platform for new releases, the business has moved to deliver a mix of driving new innovations and enhancing existing sweets and snacks series.

The US division of Ferrero has confirmed plans for its  chocolate, candy and cookies, including Rocher, Fannie May, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno Mother’s Cookies, Royal Dansk, Keebler, Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth and Nutella.

As the business noted, it is anticipating its latest special editions will have a notable impact on the market through offering something a little different for seasonal shopping baskets.

Notably, as Confectionery Production found at last year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, the company has placed a strong emphasis on its core ‘occasion’ product ranges, which have formed a key area of its premium offering.

Jim Klein, chief customer officer, Ferrero USA, commented: “Premium quality chocolate and candy are at the center of Valentine’s Day and Easter celebrations, which is why so many turn to our beloved portfolio of offerings for their celebratory moments.

“This year, we’re excited to continue shaking up the category by delivering disruptive innovations for our customers, while bringing back best-selling favorites consumers expect from the Ferrero portfolio of brands.”

Among highlights for its Valentine’s line-up, the company unveiled a new Kinder Bueno four Count Pack contains four crispy, creamy individually wrapped milk chocolate bars, as well as Kinder Chocolate Hollow Bears in a six-pack, designed as a sharing gift.

Its premium Rocher two-piece Heart Box offers another standout feature of the series, alongside the Ferrero Collection 24-Piece Heart Box: Capture the heart of chocolate lovers with this heart-shaped gift box that features 24 assorted chocolate treats.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s Fannie May Chocolate Assortment Heart offers a selection of milk and dark signature tastes – from the famous Pixies and Trinidads to the buttercreams, toffees and fruit-filled favourites. Then, there’s the Mother’s Puppy Love Cookies offers a further sweet treat for Valentine’s Day with the shortbread range coated in pink and white frosting, and dotted with red, pink and white sprinkles. These delicious cookies are shaped like X’s and O’s and the most adorable puppy shapes, too! Perfect for sharing and snacking or even decorating baked treats to add a sweet touch to top off any dessert.

Easter specials
Looking ahead for Easter, the company is releasing its latest Kinder Chocolate Mini Friends (Creamy Milk Chocolate & Crispy Cookie Bits). These are individually wrapped in seasonal graphics, designed for Easter baskets and decorating. The range continues with Kinder Bueno Eggs, featuring smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafers filled with creamy hazelnut filling. There is also release of the Kinder Joy Easter Egg.

On the premium end, the company is releasing its Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs, offering a new experience available in a small egg format with milk, dark and white chocolate flavours.

For the Easter season, Fannie May is putting out its Heritage Collection Gift Box, including a selection of Pixies, Buttercreams, Chocolate Covered Caramels and Nut Clusters.

The company’s Keebler brand is delivering its Pretzel Ready Crust, a sweet and salty take on Keebler’s shortbread in the form of ready-to-eat crusts made with real pretzel bits.

In addition, this season also sees the emergence of a glass Mini Nutella Easter Jar,  featuring festive packaging, available with seasonal light green or yellow lids.

With the Royal Dansk brand, there is a further release of its Love Spring Collection, creating to elevate Easter Brunch or any snacking occasion with this Danish Butter Cookie assortment that features unique shapes and seasonal flavours such as lemon lavender and salted caramel, and the vanilla ring.

The Easter season also includes a range from the Butterfinger brand, in the form of its Easter Minis in a seven-pack format.

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