Tate & Lyle global ingredients solutions undergoes major rebranding

The global Tate & Lyle ingredients solutions group has delivered a major brand revamp, as it seeks to expand its interests across the sector, including developing applications for the confectionery and snacks sectors, writes Neill Barston.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, the move includes a new logo, typography, new imagery as well as a new narrative focus for the business that it anticipates will prove a significant milestone for the business.

The company has a new slogan of ‘science, solutions and society’ in its bid to drive further growth of the 160 year-old company, that notably parted ways with its founding sugar interests in favour of creating a raft of new healthier-option snacks, confectionery and wider food products.

Confectionery Production met with the company at the recent Gulfood Manufacturing event in Dubai, where the business  has enjoyed enhanced fortunes in the UAE region, and across its global portfolio, as consumers’ demands for better-for-you, sugar-reduced or alternative sweetener products has shown marked development (see our video event review here, including conversations with Tate & Lyle).

Nick Hampton, Chief Executive, Tate & Lyle, said: “Our commitment to ‘Science, Solutions, Society’ was born out of a deep understanding of our purpose ‘Transforming Lives through the Science of Food’. After all, everything Tate & Lyle does is rooted in science. It’s through R&D and innovation – our understanding of the science of food – that we have the greatest impact, not only by supporting healthy living through our ingredients and solutions but because, by growing our business, we can also have a wider positive impact on our communities and the planet. We are really excited to be able to share our new brand today – it truly reflects who we now are as a business and our ambition for the future, building on over 160 years of innovation.”

Helen Bass, Global Head of Marketing & Insights, Tate & Lyle, believed that its image overhaul was a welcome move that will help the company in its bid to refresh its overall message to its international base of customers.

She said: “As the design work was evolving, we discovered very early on the incredible power of having an ‘and’ – an ampersand – in our name. It is not just distinctive but communicates that Tate & Lyle can, and does, bring more. It shows a continuous curiosity and restlessness to solve challenges, go the extra mile and exceed its own and others’ expectations in the broader world. Therefore the ‘power of and’ became a key part of the design.

“This rebrand is not just a new logo or colours, it is a beacon of change for our organisation, creating a distinctive new brand, one powerful narrative, that stands out and brings it to life for ourselves and our customers.”

Tate & Lyle engaged global creative design agency, Bulletproof, to carry out this rebrand project. The devised a strong strategy, built a brand identity, and then tested the new look and feel with colleagues and teams across the business.

David Beare, Executive Creative Director, Bulletproof, said: “Whilst we started this process by looking at the history and future of Tate & Lyle, the competition, the current brand world and identifying all the things that makes the business unique in the industry, it was most important to us to speak to Tate & Lyle’s people.

“This enabled us to identify what is true, credible, and motivating about Tate & Lyle and working at the company. It was invaluable in creating a brand that its people feel reflects them and the pride they have in their work.”


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