Israel’s TopGum delivers latest functional iron-enhanced gummies

Israeli-based supplement manufacturer TopGum Industries has released its IronGum, the high-dose iron gummies, which have been designed with a smooth texture for those who find it difficult to take larger tablets, writes Neill Barston.

As the business revealed, the vegan gummies have no metallic taste, which is often considered typical of iron supplements, and its development comes amid notable growth within the functional ingredients segment.

Notably, the company will introduce this functional gummy at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva, Booth #P108, which is being staged between 14-16 May.

Moreover, as the business noted, in terms of its value as a supplement, iron is significant in assisting the human body generate healthy red blood cells, which are essential for transporting oxygen to bodily organs. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 2 billion people worldwide – 25% of the global population – battle iron deficiency. This common deficit can cause anemia, fatigue and weakened immunity.

In addition, as the business noted, even in an abundant dietary supplement market, iron products that are both palatable and effective are few and far between. Iron can help increase energy levels, yet many traditional iron-supplement limitations present barriers to consumer adoption. T

he British Medical Journal (BMJ), Heart, found that the top reasons adults with congenital heart disease and iron deficiency anemia did not comply with iron supplementation were large tablet size, forgetting to take the tablet, polypharmacy (patient use of numerous medications) and iron side effects. IronGum supplements help tackle most of these issues.

Rising demand is driving market growth According to Credence Research, worldwide consumption of iron supplements is expected to witness substantial growth. By 2028, the global market is projected to reach USD 518.7 million, a CAGR of 3.8% from 2021. The increase in flexitarian diets may also be driving the rise in iron supplementation.

“IronGum combines TopGum’s proprietary Gummiceuticals and TopCaps technologies to deliver a high-dose iron supplement without the unpleasant metallic aftertaste. The patent-pending Gummiceuticals technology makes great-tasting chewable gummies with no added sugar,” explains Doron Delouya, Chief Product Officer for TopGum. “The formula uses fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) fibers, which are plant prebiotic dietary fibers with natural sweetness. FOS fibers get digested only once they reach the colon. These natural prebiotic fibers ease digestion and enhance nutrient absorption.”

“This dual strategic tech integration demonstrates TopGum’s deep commitment to promoting wellness, strengthening immunity and broadening accessibility,” says Eyal Shohat, CEO of TopGum. “It gives individuals with dietary restrictions or sugar sensitivities a seamless solution to meet essential iron needs.”

Delouya continued: “We at TopGum have applied our proprietary capabilities to design clean-label gummies without added sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. We use only natural colours and flavours. Our vegan, pectin-based formula further sets our non-GMO IronGum products apart.”

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