Reprocessing company SugaRich moves to acquire UK Sweetdreams confectionery business

SugaRich, a key UK food reprocessing firm, has moved to acquire British confectionery business Sweetdreams Limited, targeting market expansion of its broader industry operations, reports Neill Barston.

According to the company, which has previously specialised in agricultural feed markets with bases in Liverpool and Northamptonshire, its latest deal underlined a commitment to sustainable manufacturing and preventing surplus food products going to waste.

The acquisition, which was for an undisclosed fee, will enable further development in North East England-based Sweetdreams’ confectionery ranges, which includes its core Choc Nibbles series.

Notably, the company had played a significant role in our 2023 edition of the World Confectionery Conference (see below, Andy Baxendale, technical director, pictured), being among our speakers for the event, that was held in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The company revealed key progress on its Gozo new premium chocolate range, which has seen the company expand its potential within the luxury confectionery segment.

SugaRich, which is considered among Europe’s leading food re-processors, said the acquisition ‘added an extra dimension’ to its operations, and believed that its fresh investment would enable significant potential for upscaling production, given its technical expertise within the wider re-processing industry. As the company noted, the former foodstuff sector continues to develop rapidly, and the business confirmed that it is continuing to cultivate collaborations that support the elimination of food waste.

Alex Keogh, Managing Director of SugaRich, which has previously focused on recycling surplus factory food into animal feeds, said: “Our collaboration with Sweetdreams is a key step in SugaRich’s evolution. It was a strategic decision for us to marry our skills and attributes not only to progress our market position in the food sector, but to also expand on the clearly obvious potential of Sweetdreams’ innovative offering.

“Furthermore, Sweetdreams’ re-use of surplus food clearly aligns with SugaRich’s established practice and ethos; this now positions us to allow our many suppliers to take advantage of recycling their offcuts and surplus into high quality confectionery products that are affordable and sustainable.”

Speaking to Confectionery Production, Matt Stephenson, MD of Cramlington-based Sweetdreams confirmed his intention to stay on as head of the business, that he has continued to develop considerably alongside his wife, Cath. As previously reported, the business has made notable investment into improving and expanding its chocolate making equipment and systems.

He said: “This is an exciting time for Sweetdreams and our fantastic brand ‘Choc Nibbles.’ Becoming part of the SugaRich family allows us to release the full potential of our range of products, offer our suppliers a unique and innovative solution to reduce surplus food waste, while benefiting from a significant increase in commercial return. Alex and his team have seen the fantastic work that Sweetdreams has achieved as an independent confectionery manufacturer. SugaRich’s acquisition will allow us the financial and operational support to make ‘Choc Nibbles’ the number one, value chocolate confectionery range in the UK and beyond.”



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