KitKat responds to consumer demand for latest Lotus Biscoff variety

Nestlé is rolling out one of its most in-demand flavours for its KitKat Chunky brand, which is now combining with Lotus Biscoff for its latest launch, reports Neill Barston.

Customers in markets including Australia and the UK can now order its new creation, that has been delivered following a spike in website searches calling for its latest offering to be commercially developed.

The fresh variety combines the classic crisp oven-baked wafer KitKat, with the caramelised biscuit spread of Lotus Biscoff, which follows in a strong tradition of unveiling extensions to the series. This was most recently seen with a blueberry muffin flavour released in the US, which is produced under the Hershey banner.

Nestlé Head of Marketing – Confectionery, Joyce Tan welcomed the latest release. She said: “You asked, we answered/ Biscoff is one of the most requested and searched-for items on the KitKat website, so we knew we had a job to do.

“We’ve seen an undeniable love for both KitKat and Lotus Biscoff and are so thrilled to combine them and introduce such a delicious addition to the KitKat Chunky range in Australia. We wanted to excite KitKat fans with a flavour and texture combination that would leave them longing for their next break,” Tan added.

Global Brand Director Biscoff, Kathleen Buyst said: “Lotus Biscoff has been a favourite in Australia for over 10 years. We are very excited to collaborate with KitKat to offer a unique and delicious flavour combination.”

“KitKat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff is an exciting combination of Biscoff’s creamy spread, crunchy Biscoff crumbs and KitKat’s classic milk chocolate and crispy wafers.” Buyst continued.

The new KitKat Chunky with Biscoff is now available to purchase in a 41.5g bar at supermarkets and convenience retailers, as well as online.


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