Easter confectionery production remains strong in Germany, despite key industry challenges

Studies from Germany’s BDSI confectionery trade association have shown that for Easter 2022, around 239 million chocolate bunnies were produced nationally, despite major challenges from the pandemic, ingredients prices and supply chain issues, writes Neill Barston.

As the organisation noted, the classic Easter bunny made from milk chocolate is still the most popular item in demand, with the favoured fluffy animal friend also being in high demand within bittersweet or white chocolate varieties.

Also popular this season, are little confectionery lambs, carrots or chicks, while plain eggs are also considered essential items by consumers as well established Easter favourites.

According to the BDSI, half of chocolate bunnies produced in the country, around 119 million pieces (49.6%), remain in Germany and delight small and large connoisseurs at Easter, while 120 million (50.4%) are intended for export, mainly in Europe partner countries, but also to the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Consequently, as the organisation’s research found, sweets remain one of the most popular gifts and this too numerous occasions in the life of Germans. Results from its recent survey found that a total of 58% of people in the country intended to offer a special season confectionery treat to a friend or family member.

While Easter trade remains encouraging, as previously reported, the BDSI expressed major concerns for the future of the industry, with manufacturers experiencing significant difficulty in obtaining particular packaging materials.

The organisation confirmed that its member businesses reported that in spite of such challenges, all existing orders have been fulfilled for the season, though fears remain whether this will be the case moving forward as business conditions remain uncertain.

Underlining this, the BDSI noted that the Germany confectionery sector remained in its most challenging position of the past seven decades of the Federal Republic. This has been due to the cost of energy, for almost all agricultural commodities, for packaging and also for transport have been in the country since the outbreak of the war Ukraine. These combined issues have have hit companies across the board and in some cases to an extent that threatens their very existence.





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