GNT welcomes ‘milestone’ code of practice for European food colouring standards

Netherlands-headquartered GNT has welcomed the Natural Food Colours Association (NATCOL)’s Code of Practice for Colouring Foods in Europe as an “important milestone” for the industry, writes Neill Barston.

The business, which has its base in Mierlo, has provided a wide range of solutions for the confectionery and snacks segments, including its longstanding Exberry series, which has continued its long-term growth amid a revived pandemic-linked focus on healthier eating.

As the company noted, the ‘Code of Practice for the classification, manufacturing, use and labelling of Coloring Foods (EU)’ provides clear support on the use of colouring ingredients made from edible fruit, vegetables and plants.

It covers principles of classification, source materials, manufacturing, quality control and safety, including labelling and use requirements as well as distinctions between Colouring Foods and colour additives. It is designed to ensure transparency and harmonisation of practices across the industry as well as consistency of interpretation for all operators.

NATCOL represents the international interests of companies and associations providing Coloring Foods as well as natural food colours. As a key manufacturer of Colouring Foods and a NATCOL member, GNT has played an instrumental role in developing and supporting the Code.

Silke Fallah, GNT‘s Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, said: “We are delighted that NATCOL has published this Code of Practice, which provides support for producers and users of Colouring Foods alike. This is not only significant for the European market but will also serve as best practice to support the further global regulatory development of Colouring Foods.”

Paul Collins, GNT‘s Director of International Sales and Marketing, who was recently an exclusive video interviewee of Confectionery Production, added: “GNT has unrivalled experience of Colouring Foods, having introduced the concept to the industry in 1978. We are proud to have worked alongside NATCOL to develop this Code of Practice. It represents an important milestone for the industry and we see it as a key step forward for GNT and our Exberry Colouring Foods product range.”

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