Ameel marks 25th anniversary with world’s largest candy cake

Belgian-based wholesale confectionery business Ameel Candy World has marked its 25th anniversary through constructing a claimed world’s largest candy cake, writes Neill Barston.

As the company, located in Roeselare, explained, its latest feat involved assembling a huge total of 349,089 candies in a bid to mark its milestone in style.

The business also held a special customer event to celebrate its quarter of a century trading in the international candy sector,, allowing customers to not only take advantage of trade deals but also discover new and exclusive items.

As the firm noted, it has a strong and diverse customer based including small outlets such as local candy and chocolate shops, in addition to major retail chains.

Twenty percent of its confectionery is exported to over 32 countries, including Europe, Kuwait, Lebanon, and the United States. Our export team is growing in significance, and our operations are becoming increasingly international.

The company’s major record breaking confectionery project involved the assistance of a number of associations in the region, and has a diameter of 10 meters and a height of 8.65 meters, will be adorned with a whopping 349,089 candies.

Partners in the project included Belgian confectionery suppliers such as Mr. Mallo, Frisia, Sugar Bakery Joris, plus international support from Rainbow Dust, the English manufacturer of edible food glue Tylo Powder, and Primus Ouwel, a Dutch manufacturer of edible paper. The company also held a ceremony to mark the major occasion, that was attended by its CEO, as well as regional media.

After these festivities, the 12,000 building blocks of the cake were distributed for free among a total of six selected associations, which can then sell them to finance their activities. This initiative was designed to help strengthen ties with the community.

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