Mars extends its confectionery series with orange maltesers biscuits

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats (MCD&T) has unveiled the latest entrant for its range in the form of Orange Maltesers Biscuits.

Each biscuit has three light, tangy orange, malty bobbles, smothered in smooth milk chocolate, to create a unique, fun, snap and crunch biscuit treat.

The new variety builds on the huge success of the original Maltesers Biscuits which launched in January 2020, and Mint Maltesers Biscuits, which launched in September.

The range, seen as 2020’s biggest category launch, has already delivered £8.6 million retail sales value1 and achieved 13.3% UK household penetration.

The total sweet biscuit market in the UK is worth £2.75 billion3 with the special treats category accounting for £931 million and growing at a rate of 6.6%.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats says: “With continued category growth, increasing sales of orange skus4 and the fun format of these malty biscuits, we are confident that the launch of Orange Maltesers Biscuits will add incremental sales and increase household penetration for the range.”

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