Sprüngli claims a world first with its Grand Cru Absolu confectionery

Luxemburgerli Chocolat Absolu. More information via ots and www.presseportal.ch/de/nr/100004535?langid=2 / Editorial use of this picture is free of charge. Please quote the source: "obs/Confiserie Sprüngli AG"

Swiss confectioner Sprüngli has claimed a world first in producing its latest release, Grand Cru Absolu, an intense chocolate experience made from just two ingredients – Bolivian single-origin cacao beans and juice from the cacao fruit.

The company has delivered two products, the Truffe Grand Cru Absolu is filled with a creamy ganache, coated in chocolate shavings, and has no added sugar or lecithin, as well as having been designed to be suitable for vegans.

Meanwhile, the Luxemburgerli Chocolat Absolu, is a  light cream with natural cacao juice nestled between two vanilla and chocolate macaroons, with a chocolate ganache core, topped with a Grand Cru Absolu chocolate disc.

As the business explained, the use of single-origin cacao beans gives the Grand cru chocolate a notable sophisticated flavour. To make the latest range, small-scale farmers select rare cacao fruits and their beans which boast a fruity-citrus and intense chocolate flavour. Only the naturally sweet, aromatic juice from the white pulp of the cacao fruit is added.

Sprüngli has combined these two components to create a pure, raw chocolate experience with a fruity and intensely dark character. The company added that responsibility means using natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and processing these with care to guarantee quality. Using the entire cacao fruit ensures a careful approach to the environment and allows the cacao farmers to create added value.


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