GNT extends its colouring foods range with orange shades

The Netherlands-based GNT Group has extended its portfolio with two new Exberry Colouring Foods that deliver bright orange shades in powder and oil-dispersible formats, which include a broad base of potential uses across confectionery and bakery markets.

As the company explained, its latest series expands upon its well established range using vegetables and edible plants that are processed with gentle physical methods such as chopping, heating and filtering. They retain the characteristic properties of the source material and the concentrates are not selectively extracted. As a result, they qualify for cleaner and clearer labelling declarations.

The latest two colouring foods shades includes its Brilliant Orange powder, which is made from paprika and carrot i oil-soluble and water-dispersible and designed for applications including non-aerated confectionery, bakery and savoury products. Meanwhile, the oil-dispersible Exberry Brilliant Orange Intense has been developed for compound coatings, spray-coated oil seasonings and other fat-based applications. Furthermore, both powder and oil-dispersible options are available in addition to the existing Exberry Brilliant Orange liquid format.

In addition, the new products are pH-independent and offer good light and heat stability as well as a good shelf life. They are 100% plant-based, halal and kosher, and made without any chemical solvents. As such, they offer a perfect clean-label replacement for artificial colorants as well as additives such as annatto, beta carotene and paprika extract.

Sonja Scheffler, Product Manager at GNT, said: “We are delighted to add these new Brilliant Orange products to our range of coluring foods. With a liquid format already available, it means we can help manufacturers deliver stunning orange shades for a vast range of food and drink applications.”


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