Chocotech returns to Interpack with key equipment launches

Machinery manufacturer Chocotech will be marking its centenary celebrations at Interpack, exhibiting equipment based on energy efficient innovative process technology solutions.

Having originally been founded on the 10th January 1920 in Wernigerode, Germany under the name Lauenstein, It has been part of the Sollich group of companies since 1992. The company has specialised in systems for soft and hard candy, chewy candy, jelly, caramel, fondant, aerated candy and chocolate formed shells and lentils.

Chocotech (pictured at ProSweets in 2019), will use Interpack this May in Dusseldorf to unveil lines including its Sucrobatch, a modular batch cooker with interchangeable agitators and other “modular options” for lower budgets. The system is designed to handle various confectionery masses. The company has also designed a configurator for the cooker, which can navigate clients through the options, so a cooker in the correct execution can be chosen. Both cooker and configurator will be on display.

Also new for Interpack is its Jellymaster princess, a continuous pressure dissolver andvacuum line for gummies with a capacity of up to 300 kg/hr. There will also be further weighing and dissolving equipment in the form of the Autograv batch weigher, and the energy saving Ecograv pressure dissolver.

For caramel, two systems will be shown, the Carastar  batch line combining cooking and caramelising in one process. In addition, the Sucrofilm and Caraflex combination designed for higher outputs and longer continuous production runs. This process also reportedly utilises an inline reclaim loop for start-up, shutdown and intermediate stop due to possible down-stream related difficulties. The Sucrotherm continuous product cooler can also be integrated into the line.


Furthermore, in combination with its sister company, Sollich, the business also offers innovative systems for bar production. These include but are not limited to granola, fruit, nougat, caramel, protein and combinations of the same with and without inclusions. From a cooking perspective two systems can be offered, including batch process using the autograv, carastar and turbowhip, and continuous process using the autograv, sucrotwist and sucrofilm and tornado.

Other ranges on display include the Chewmaster, a unique crystallisation system for aerated or non- aerated chewy candies with or without dairy additions.

Meanwhile, the company’s  Jellymaster pressure dissolver and vacuum system combination focused on providing strong heat exchange properties for use with all types of gelling agents offering the advantages of precise temperature control across and along the tube-in-shell centre core. The dissolver has been developed to help ensure no product build up and thus related possible burn on issues.

The company will also be demonstrating a DSI (direct steam injection) cooker will be mounted on the Jellymaster skid as an option for starch jellies /gummies. In addition, the Jellymix (both gravimetric and volumetric), for precise metering will also be on display, as well as processing solutions for hard candy in the form of the Sucromaster, a combined flash off and vacuum system with integrated vacuum extraction screw, CFA metering and hard candy dynamic mixer all mounted above a stainless- steel tempering belt.

Solutions for hard candy forming are also part of its portfolio, with partner company  Nuova Euromec, showcasing a flexible forming Line for lollipop and candies.

  • Chocotech will be at Interpack between May 7-13 in Dusseldorf, at Hall 3, stand F04



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