Polishing and glazing agent

Quick Shine is a ready to use polishing and glazing agent for chocolate-coated dragees/panned goods that has been introduced into Norveo’s range of Confectionery Performers. According to the company, “its application creates a brilliant shine on chocolate-coated products within a short time, even under critical production conditions such as high humidity and warm temperature levels”. It also provides “a stable glaze on the dragee surface and, as such, acts as a protective finish for the chocolate-coated goods”.

Quick Shine is now also available in organic-certified quality. In this formulation, the palm-oil content has been replaced by a natural, organic-certified shea butter, ie the oily extract out of the kernels of shea nuts of African, wild-growing shea or Karité trees that constitute a major sustainable agricultural resource in Sub-Saharian African countries.

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