Pez keeps ahead of the game with new personalised edition for ISM

As fans of Star Wars and its much-missed actor Carrie Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), will recall, she famously quipped that “You’re not famous until your head is on a Pez dispenser,” which the brand is now tackling with the aid of a new digital app, writes Neill Barston.

The Austrian-founded company is hoping to make waves with its latest innovation that takes customer engagement to the next level with its latest creative endeavour that will be showcased at this year’s ISM between 28-31 January, in Cologne, Germany.

According to the company, its latest Pez MyHead app works through taking a photo in its specially created app, or uploading an existing picture, which then generates an avatar from the image. From there, the user can then configure preferences by choosing from a range of hairstyles, selecting their hair colour and picking a suitable torso.

Once the order has been placed, the dispenser is made using a 3D printer with the help of an experienced 3D printing specialist. The dispensers are produced on state-of-the-art machines, and the results are truly impressive.

Finally, the dispensers are packaged in a smart slipcase. This presentation box makes it clear that Pez sees the product as a high-quality gift or treat for yourself.

“With Pez MyHead, we’re offering a fantastic new product for anyone who loves innovative ideas,” says Hans Bangelmeier, Managing Director of PEZ. “Until now, only famous faces from films, comics and games got the chance to feature on a PEZ dispenser. Now, anyone can. That makes an extremely personal, highly original gift for someone you care about.”

There is a premium version for those who have a very distinctive profile or whose hairstyle is not in the list of options. This means a 3D artist reworks the data for the figure before the dispenser is produced to match the photo even more closely.

As the company added, Pez MyHead dispensers are design objects and collectors’ pieces. The dispensers are not intended for regular use. The app is initially only being offered for iOS, but an Android version will also be launched in spring.

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4 responses to “Pez keeps ahead of the game with new personalised edition for ISM”

  1. Dana R Visser says:

    What is the price of PEZ MyHEAD? This is such a great idea!

    • Neill Barston says:

      Greetings Dana, I think there has indeed been a lot of interest in these heads – the price will obviously vary between regions, so again, check with the company via its website on this, regards, Confectionery Production

  2. Daniel F Love says:

    Where can I order My PEZ Heads?

    • Neill Barston says:

      Thank you for your comment Daniel, I think your best bet would be to enquire through the company’s main website, regards, Confectionery Production

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