Lily O’Briens offers latest premium Christmas chocolate creations

Premium chocolate brand Lily O’Briens has pulled out the festive stops for 2023, as it showcases its Christmas range including seasonal truffles and hearts, in addition to its desserts collection that has delivered a key sales boost, according to the company, writes, Neill Barston.

The Irish-based business, which began in the early 1990s, has established itself within the luxury end of the market and has continued to grow its presence across Britain, as well as exporting its ranges to a number of international locations.

A spokesperson for the company commented: “As a luxury chocolatier, Lily O’Brien’s is a leader in gifting, as a trusted favourite among consumers who are looking to treat their loved ones with true indulgence. The brand is +13% in growth, driven by record-sales of Desserts Collection: the third best-selling in-laid box on the market. The SKU is now a major gifting chocolate for the key festive season – growing the brand’s share of in-laid boxed chocolates to 7.4%.

“We’re further investing in the strength of the Lily O’Brien’s brand identity following the success of our ongoing £1m marketing campaign ‘For the ones you really know’, launched last year to spotlight Lily O’Brien’s as the very best chocolates for gifting and sharing with loved ones.

“We’ve also launched a new product exclusively for Christmas to offer indulgence to gift-giving moments over the festive period. The 24-piece collection features nine different flavours, including classic favourites from Lily O’Brien’s signature Desserts Collection, plus four new limited-edition flavours for the season: Spiced Latte, Zesty Orange, Triple Chocolate Shot and Berry Eton Mess. Lily O’Brien’s Christmas Desserts Collection is available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, and Waitrose for £12 RRP, and on promotion at £9 in selected stores.


“Christmas is a time that will look to the established brands that consumers trust, as they help become a marker for household traditions. And while many FMCG categories are seeing consumers make increasingly value-driven decisions in the current climate, chocolate confectionery, both in-laid boxed and casual sharing, holds strong appeal – especially when it comes to statement gifting. This is why shoppers pick up our Desserts Collection on shelf, renowned for its expensive look, feel and taste without the premium price tag.”

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