Hansella set to showcase major equipment series for Interpack

Hansella is set to play its part in this year’s global Interpack packaging and processing event in Dusseldorf Germany, including showcasing its contiline for confectionery bar manufacturing, writes Neill Barston.

As the company noted, the system encompasses the entire production process, from mass preparation, mixing, slab forming, pre-cooling, lengthwise cutting and fanning out bars to crosswise cutting.

In addition, it will be highlighting its WRL Flex slitter (below), which is thought to be the first of its kind with an adjustable cutting width. As a result, adjusting the process width can be done with minimal effort and without changing parts.

Besides higher flexibility, this decreases production costs and contributes to faster return on investment (ROI). The smooth slitter offers a flexible cutting width and allows for an easy and stepless adjustment for precise cutting to produce different bar sizes. Furthermore, the system enables repeatable cutting width changes without the change of the cutting knife shaft or the complete slitter. This reduces set up times significantly and in addition, manufacturers benefit from a hygienic design and easy tool-less cleaning

Meanwhile, the firm’s WRF Flex slab former optimises or eliminates the trim when processing bar masses, including cereal, candy, protein and fruit. As a result, less product is wasted, helping decrease production costs and contribute to faster return on investment (ROI). The smooth slab former offers an adjustable working width and allows for an easy, stepless and tool-free adjustment for precise cutting to produce different bar sizes.

Another major element will be its pickerline (featured main image),  with integrated belt buffer is suitable for products that are provided with Pick&Place technology including biscuit and, chocolate series. As the business noted, modern production lines in the piece goods sector require intermediate buffers to decouple the production process from the packaging process and thus enable the entire line to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

Since the packaging lines downstream of production usually consist of a large number of individual packaging machines, a buffer integrated into the line can absorb the excess product quantity when the packaging machines stop and reallocate it to the corresponding machines after the stop

Joining forces

Notably, the business is now part of the Rotzinger Group, which¬† emerged from Rotzinger AG in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. Currently, eight companies with own products belong to the Rotzinger Group: Autexis, Demaurex, Hansella, MF-Hamburg, Packfeeder, Rotzinger, Rotzinger PharmaPack and Transver. Some of their respective histories go back a long way. Hansella, for example, was founded in 1921, while Rotzinger PharmaPack’s oldest predecessor company was founded as early as 1861. Since 2022, the Rotzinger Group has also had its own sales and service company in the USA.

Initially, the portfolio of the Rotzinger Group consisted of conveying and buffering systems for product flow regulation. Today, the Group offers individual equipment and turnkey systems for the production and processing of confectionery as well as for the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products. In addition, the Rotzinger Group offers solutions for the digitalisation and networking of production and packaging processes. Its core focuses are on aiming to deliverfirst-class 360-degree service, and assisting customers to reduce the unit costs of their products.



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