Ferrero offers early Valentine’s and Easter confectionery treats

Ferrero has made an early move to release both its Valentine’s and Easter confectionery ranges for its US market, with a number of new seasonal offerings set to compete for retail shelf space, writes Neill Barston.

The first quarter of the year for these two milestone occasions have traditionally proved strong periods for manufacturers, as consumers seek out novelties to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones.

Among the company’s latest confectionery lines are  Butterfinger Valentine’s Minis and Mini Heart Shaped Box, Crunch Valentine’s Minis, as well as Minis Heart Shaped Boxes,100 Grand Heart Shaped Box and the Assorted Chocolate Minis for Valentine’s Classroom Exchange from Butterfinger, Crunch, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth.

Furthermore, for Easter, Ferrero is unveiling key lines including its Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg, Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs (available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate), Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack, Butterfinger Minis Basket Filler Pack, Butterfinger Minis Bag and Crunch Minis Bag.

“For the past few years, people have continued turning to chocolate and candy at special moments, and we look forward to helping families and friends alike come together and create more memories with our expansive portfolio of products,” said Jim Klein, chief customer officer, Ferrero USA. “We’re happy to kick off the new season at Ferrero by revealing earlier than ever the new surprises and returning favourites to enjoy this season and beyond and help deliver category growth for our valued retail partners.”

Among the highlights for Valentine’s is a 100 Grand Heart Shaped Box: ‘The bar that will make your loved one feel like a 100 Grand’ made with Made with caramel wrapped in crispy rice and luxurious milk chocolate. Then its Butterfinger Valentine’s Minis: Show your love with these mini candies wrapped in decorative Valentine’s Day wrappers. They have been designed to accompany baked goods or help add the final touches to special gifts. The Butterfinger brand is also releasing its Mini Heart shaped boxes.

For Ferrero Rocher this Valentine’s, there’s a 16-Piece Heart Box, also available as a 10-piece offering, as well as a Grand Ferrero Rocher, available in Dark and Milk Chocolate) options to celebrate Valentines Day.

Meanwhile, for Easter, some of the key lines include Butterfinger Llama Themed Minis Basket Filler Pack, and Butterfinger Butterfinger Minis Bag, featuring mini sized candies in festive spring wrappers. For its part, Ferrero Rocher will also be showcasing a series of special treats. These include the Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg, Rocher Golden Eggs in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, as well as a Ferrero Rocher 13-piece Easter Bunny for good measure.

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