National Confectioners Association welcomes strong US Christmas sweets sales results

The critical pre Christmas sales period for the confectionery sector has seen key growth in the US, with total seasonal sales up 20% over last year, according to latest sector analysis, writes Neill Barston.

An improved market picture despite the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic was welcomed The National Confectioners Association, which examined figures from the five weeks ending 5th December, which are traditionally some of the busiest of the year for retailers.

As the organisation noted, iconic holiday  retail sets are hot for the 2021 season, with retailers reinvesting in seasonal chocolate and candy. Total holiday candy offerings are up by more than 9% on average. This seasonal increase in in-store products is driven by non-chocolate products – up by nearly 23% – with holiday chocolate products up by more than 3%.

Confectionery Production has reported on significant activity in recent months from major candy brands within the US, including the likes of Ferrero, Hershey and Mars Wrigley all investing notably in expanding their festive offerings. It remains a key period for the $38 billion US market.

There have also been some noteworthy developments from the artisan sector across America, which continues to thrive despite ongoing business challenges, with strong representation from the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

Businesses within the industry had displayed a strong sense of resilience as the country’s key Sweets & Snacks Expo returned this summer (after being cancelled in 2020 amid the pandemic), marked by particularly strong growth in online sales across the sector.

Welcoming the latest industry figures for Christmas, Carly Schildhaus, of the NCA, said: “We’ve been waiting a long time to be able to safely celebrate the winter holidays with family and friends – and chocolate and candy will make the season even sweeter. Total holiday candy offerings are up by more than 9% on average, showing that retailers are reinvesting in iconic holiday retail sets as seasonal treats remain an important part of traditions and celebrations.”

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