Bonds of London adds festive sparkle with latest Christmas sweets series

Confectionery specialists at Bonds of London has released its latest Christmas range in time for the festive period, offering a host of festive favourites for the season.

This year’s treats include award winning Pun Boxes with a festive twist, a Christmas Mix of the popular Shaker Cup and other great gifting ideas.

Pun Boxes are expected to be a big hit this Christmas season with the new Merry & Bright and Happy Hour Pun Boxes added to the fun gifting range.

The Merry & Bright Pun Box is filled to the brim with festive treats such as Christmas candy poles and Christmas sparkling stars – perfect for token gifting to family and friends throughout the holidays.

The Happy Hour pun box is also great for gifting with a fabulous mix of cocktail and fizz inspired flavoured gummies. Flavours include Mojito, Rhubarb Gin and Classic Fizz.

What better way to bring everyone together during the holidays than with the Toffee Snowballs and Christmas Fudge Sharing bags, great for get togethers with family and friends.

Perfect for novelty gifting is the new and improved Bonds Six Jar Sweet Sprinkles with a sweet new assortment for the festive period. Consisting of Mini Melon Slices, Snowies, Dolly Mixture, Bananas, Pink & Blue Bottles and Ice Cream, these will make a great gift for bakers, milkshake makers and dessert fans.

Another great treat for giving to family and friends are the Christmas Gift Boxes which come in a range of flavours such as Turkish Delight, Orange and Lemon Slices, Traditional Crème’s and Fruit Jellies.

Bonds also have a selection of candy canes which make great decorative pieces as well as being a sweet treat to lay out during the festive period for children.

The Festive Mix Shaker Cup is filled with seasonal Pick & Mix favorites which includes Christmas Tree Mallows, Candy Stars, and Christmas Candy Canes.

For seasonal self eat in the run up to the festivities, Bonds has launched its new white chocolate flavoured Candy Stars and the cola flavoured Reindeer Gummies – also perfect for sharing with the family during the holidays. Other sugar novelty sweets include Christmas Mallow Pops, Jelly pops and Mallow Skewers.

Accompanying the Milk Chocolate Creme Fill Santa’s nets are the new Solid Milk Chocolate Reindeer Noses. Also new to the range are Christmas Lollipops which are great for kids. These come in fun, festive seasonal characters – a strawberry flavoured Santa, Apple flavoured elves and a cola flavoured gingerbread man.

Chris Smith, from Bonds Confectionery, said: “We’re very excited about the Bonds of London Christmas range, it will give retailers the opportunity to provide their customers with fun festive treats for the holiday period.

“Products like the award winning pun boxes will be hugely popular for gifting to family and friends and the new vegan chocolates ensure inclusivity so everyone can enjoy something sweet from Bonds this Christmas..

“The range is really exciting because there really is something for everyone, from children’s festive lollipops to tasty mojito flavoured gummies! We’re really excited at Bonds to see just how much everyone will love these products”

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