The Fine Chocolate Industry Association launches new trading site to assist businesses

The US-founded Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) has unveiled “Make Mine Fine”, an online marketplace featuring specialty chocolates from across America and other key global markets to support businesses affected by coronavirus trading restrictions.

As the organisation explained, over fifty companies are listed on the website by location so consumers can easily find local shops with delivery or curbside services.

Created in 2007, the trade organisation unique for the US region in focusing 100% on supporting fine chocolate professionals. Its membership of more than 300 includes fine flavour cacao farmers, chocolate makers, chocolatiers, suppliers of ingredients, packaging and equipment, pastry chefs, marketers, specialty retailers, wholesalers, and festival organisers.

“Make Mine Fine” helps our specialty chocolate members who are financially struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By purchasing from these companies, chocolate lovers are helping support small chocolate businesses and the farmers who depend on cocoa for their livelihoods,” said Bill Guyton, FCIA Executive Director.

The initiative offers a healthy, alternative to mass market chocolates and candies, typically sold during the recent Easter period. Many of the businesses featuring on the new website provide information on how their chocolate is made and sourced. This can be a learning opportunity for families and individuals staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. New companies are continually being added to the site, as well as other educational content.

Make Mine Fine companies also provide special discounts on their products. Consumers are encouraged to brows and find deals, while enjoying the array of chocolate products offered. “This site was designed with the chocolate lover in mind, and to help our company members with online sales” added Brad Kintzer, FCIA President of chocolate business Tcho.

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