Giving back in challenging times can make a real difference

Wanting to give back in times of need is a commendable outlook amid this global coronavirus pandemic, so it has been heartening to see some key examples of people doing something for their communities.

From individual acts of people supporting their friends and neighbours in gathering essential items of shopping, through to companies and organisations teaming up to offer some collective help for their employees, it’s these kinds of gestures that really matter in a crisis.

One such example this week was that of UK-based Whitakers Chocolates in Yorkshire (pictured) reaching out to its local hospital with a gift of confectionery for hard-pressed medical workers – without whom, the economy may entirely grind to a holt amid these emergency near-lockdown times we are experiencing.

Another similar story came from major snacks manufacturer pladis, which has distributed more than 90,000 cases (around 1.7 million biscuits) to National Health Service workers, as a token of thanks for their efforts in what can even under normal circumstances be an exceptionally challenging field of employment.

For those working across the food and drink sector, the Food and Drink Federation has done its bit in linking up with a recruitment application to help find job opportunities for those who have found themselves without work through no fault of their own during this crisis, as many firms cut back staff or temporarily lay them off.

So it’s refreshing to see these kinds of actions being carried out that prove that even relatively small actions can make a huge positive impact in times of need. It’s nice to know that in an ever-more challenging and complex world we inhabit, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to go an extra mile to show how much they care.

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