Confectionery businesses take aim at the World Cup

As billions tune in to watch this year’s football World Cup in Russia, it seems there has been plenty of promotional activity surrounding the confectionery market.

Perhaps the standout release in terms of limited edition products has been Nestlé, which has delighted German fans with bringing out smarties in the colours of the nation’s flag.

It would have been brilliant if that were available for other nations beyond the present world cup holders, but there are clearly considerable cost factors at stake in doing so.

It’s also something of a shame that the world’s largest confectionery market in the US has been unable to go into overdrive for surrounding the event, but with the country’s failure to qualify for the finals, they are a notable absence from the event.

The same goes for Italy, which has long been associated with fine confectionery, has no occasion to get behind the tournament as it also, to many observers’ shock, failed to make the grade as well.

However, back in England, there have been a number of businesses that have spotted an opportunity to back their team.

This includes UK business The Sweet People, has produced a series of products that includes a large pouch of foil wrapped chocolate footballs to mark the occasion.

As we reported this week, New Vision Packaging received a brief from Cadbury World for cartooning for the manufacturer’s 1.5kg chocolate football which has been designed for the World Cup.

It’s clear that there will be a sizable overall retail boost seen in many nations surrounding the event, with confectionery grabbing a fair slice of the pie in terms of limited edition produce. It’s just possible though that a trick may have been missed in developing an actual chocolate World Cup to mark one of the greatest of sporting spectacles.

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