Low fat bakery ingredient

A new baking replacement ingredient called Trimbake, which reduces baked recipes by up to 75% of the original fat content and 50% of the usual sugar content, is being launched in the UK. Trimbake is made up of a blend of apples, prunes, water, squash, carrots and lentils. Each packet of Trimbake can be used […]

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Fruity new fillings

As part of its major American Bakery Campaign 2014, Dawn Foods has extended its range of fillings and toppings with a selection of ready to use fruit fillings featuring real whole fruit, developed especially for the UK and Irish bakery markets. Dawn’s new fillings are available in seven flavours – blueberry, raspberry, black cherry, red […]

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Inspiring ice cream

With ice cream sales in the UK topping the magical £1billion mark last year, a leading global inclusions supplier is helping fuel the growing demand for this still affordable treat by expanding its portfolio of innovative and delicious products. Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) has invested heavily to help ice cream manufacturers introduce new flavours that […]

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