California Raisins enhance global confectionery industry

California Raisin growers have been working closely with the worldwide confectionery industry for many years and have developed customised specifications for panning and other confectionery processes to benefit the industry.

Confectioners around the world source raisins from California because of the firm skins and consistent quality. As a result of sun drying, the firm skin holds up to the panning process and does not break or cause uneven distribution of coatings on chocolate.

To demonstrate the versatility of California raisins, chocolatier William Curley has produced a variety of delicious chocolate pralines incorporating California raisins.

Here is a selection of what’s instore:

Lollipops- Handmade luxury lollipops with dark or milk chocolate and rich tasting California Raisins

California Raisin and Yuzu Ganache- Delicious dark tempered chocolate and California Raisins with the incredible fragrance of the Yuzu fruit.

Chocolate Financier- Silky smooth chocolate ganache with California Raisins and a twist of lime.

To receive the above recipes/samples of California Raisins and more contact: [email protected]

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