Netherlands’ Lareka packaging systems welcomes new director and sales engineer

Netherlands-based Lareka packaging systems has confirmed the appointment of Martin Barthel as its new director in the wake of the company’s longstanding postholder, Henk Somers, stepping down to assume an advisory role with the business, writes Neill Barston.

The firm, based near Eindhoven in the Netherlands, has made a strong name for itself within the confectionery sector over the past two decades in reconditioning equipment for the confectionery trade, as well as devising new systems.

Martin brings knowledge and experience to the table in packaging machinery, international trade and leadership. After working at Lareka back in the 2000s, he gained that experience at VDL, Kusters Engineering and NTS, among other companies.

In addition, the business has also appointed another Sales Engineer, Max Kessels, who is the youngest member of the Lareka family, who has been described as being key in advising our clients with a fresh and creative perspective.

As the company noted, in the past decade it  has recognised the evolving market and demand from chocolatiers for an easy-to-use high-end packaging machine that was capable of processing multiple sizes of chocolate bars and napolitains. Today, the BTB25 and NP60 enjoy an essential place in the production lines of bean to bar and artisan chocolatiers around the world.

Furthermore, as the business observed, there remain plenty of opportunities within the sector, and acknowledged that it is still the case that some chocolatiers remain unaware that a customer-specific solution for their packaging challenges exists, which is where the company’s expertise can play a role in developing bespoke industry solutions.


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