“Newstalgia’ and novel Easter chocolate flavours set to make a key impact

Notable trends of childhood favourite flavours, novel chocolate products and value packs are set to be Easter’s best sellers in 2024, according to a Euromonitor expert.

The season remains one of the strongest periods for the confectionery sector around the world, though as previously reported this week, the cost of living crisis is impacting on luxury egg sales in the UK in particular, though there appears greater resilience within the US market.

According to the London-based insights organisation, The ‘newstalgic’ trend is tapping in to nostalgic childhood flavours, caramel and vanilla, and are being used whet consumers’ appetites with Easter eggs and other chocolate products this Easter.

Carl Quash III, Head of Food and Nutrition at Euromonitor International, said: “I’m seeing the novel or newstalgic flavour trend and the enhanced value proposition trend executed in Easter candy innovations this year.

“Confection brand Peeps has some interesting licenses with partners like Rice Krispies, Icee, and Delights to bring new yet recognisable flavours to the brand. And the Easter egg hunt variety packs, like those from KitKat, take pressure off planning and are expected to save shoppers time and money too.

“I’m also seeing some stronger advertising from various sweet treat manufacturers fighting for their share of stomach this Easter. Cadbury launched an ice cream variant for the second year in a row in Australia and a recent campaign by Hi Chew is promoting consumption of chews over chocolate bunnies.”

Furthermore, Quash III said that the number of Easter-labelled Stocking Keeping Units (SKU) were up in some regions mostly brought about by seasonal chocolate innovation.

“In the US, the number of Easter-labelled online candy SKUs grew 28% from the same period a year ago showing the importance of innovation. In the UK, the number of Easter-labelled online chocolate SKUs grew more than 100% from the same period a year ago and this signals the region’s emergence from inflationary impacts.

“But in Australia, the number of Easter-labelled online candy SKUs fell by nearly 10% from the same period a year ago due to the continued impact of the cost-of-living crisis. Though, seasonal chocolate sales are expected to grow the fastest among other chocolate confectionery types in the country.”

Quash III added that the new products were booming again with many famous name retailers adding to their Easter collections with a focus on adding value to the occasion.

“Nestle have launched a range of Easter products from KitKat to Quality Street, Smarties and Rowntree’s. Nestle has also launched Easter Egg Hunt packs which contain several milk chocolate Easter eggs made with KitKat crunch wafer pieces.

“Some producers are challenging seasonal traditions. Hi Chew recently launched an advertising campaign entitled ‘Save a chocolate bunny, Eat Hi Chew’ to rival chocolate bunny consumption with their Easter egg bites.

“Then there is the novel flavours. Peeps chick-shaped marshmallow candies, iconically known in the US for its ties to Easter, partners with other industry brands to add new flavors to its lineup including Rice Krispies, Delight Smores and Icee blue raspberry. US sales of Peeps are expected to see sales cross 100million.”

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