Lakrids set to mark International Liquorice Day with major global tasting campaign

An ambitious project from Danish confectionery firm Lakrids by Bülow will see it hand out a million free samples of its key lines around the world in celebration of international liquorice day, reports Neill Barston.

The occasion, on 12 April, will see the business descend on more than 200 sites across seven countries in a bid to help spread the world about its products, which it is continuing a mission to educate consumers on its diverse range of flavours.

As the business enthused, it aims to build on last year’s campaign, which saw a total of 500,000 pieces of chocolate-coated liquorice distributed under the campaign banner of ‘We make the world taste liquorice,” as it aims to convert as many people around the global as possible to its distinctive Nordic flavours that have gained a growing fanbase.

Indeed, the company has continued its expansion over the past 15 years, which has extended to creating retail outlets in a number of locations, including within John Lewis stores across the UK, as well as the company’s London stores in Covent Garden and at Canada Place Crossroads, Canary Wharf. Each participant will be given two pieces of salt and caramel  chocolate-coated liquorice: one to enjoy themselves, and one to share with a so-called ‘liquorice hater’.

Patricia Winkel-Pedersen, Chief Marketing Officer said: “We know some may view liquorice as a polarising flavour, but we believe our Danish gourmet liquorice can convert even some of the biggest haters.

“Our deep dedication to craftsmanship and our authentic approach to the production, ensures each bite of liquorice is unlike anything you have tried before. We constantly strive to push boundaries and challenge ourselves to find new ways to accelerate our mission to make the world fall in love with liquorice, and invite all sceptics to take part in our tasting this International Liquorice Day.”

As the company noted, from  Copenhagen to Berlin to Dubai, the business is continuing to extend its global reach, with its latest campaign offering everyone who shops online at on 12th April will receive a free gift with a purchase.

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