Brazilian market introduced to Magnum ruby chocolate flavour

Major ice cream brand, Magnum, has unveiled a key extension of its flavours for the South American market with the addition of a new ruby chocolate targeting consumers in its Brazilian market, writes Neill Barston.

The company has already seen its latest variety succeed in a number of locations in Europe, and as far and wide as Japan and Turkey, developed by sector cocoa and confectionery B2B key suppliers, Swiss-headquartered Barry Callebaut.

As the company noted, ruby chocolate offers a new dimension of taste: a blend of berry fruitiness and smooth flavour, the ice cream bar’s vanilla filling, paired with ruby’s subtle hint of raspberry, provides a creamy and unique sensory offering that is distinct in the market.

The chocolate variety was first unveiled in 2018 by Barry Callebaut as ‘the fourth kind of chocolate’, following a special launch in China, with the company quickly forging links with the likes of Nestle for a special edition KitKat flavour. It then went on to be adopted in a number of territories around the world and is continuing to make its mark.

Camila Conti, Head of Ice Cream Marketing at Unilever, which is behind the Magnum brand, which has just been released, said: “Magnum is an expert in chocolates, and this year, it innovates once again by introducing a new type of chocolate to the Brazilian ice cream market. We wanted to capture the essence of ruby chocolate to offer a surprising novelty. With its crispy pink chocolate shell, without dyes, Magnum Ruby is unlike anything we have ever tasted before.”

Since its launch back in 1989, Magnum has gone on to global acclaim. It was among the first brands in its category to target the adult audience with a premium and indulgent proposition, thanks to its ingredients selected by chocolate experts and the meticulous care involved in its production. It is present in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America, selling more than one billion units per year.

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