Italian premium chocolate brand Venchi targets sustainable packaging with latest Easter egg series

For this year’s Easter season, Italian luxury chocolate manufacturer, Venchi, has focused its latest egg collection with a core emphasis on sustainable packaging using recycled PET (minimum 70%), cotton-blend fabric or FSC-certified paper.

As the company revealed, delivering on environmental goals is of significant importance to the business, with its latest lines being available at London boutiques in Covent Garden, Exhibition Road, King’s Road, Hampstead, Richmond and Harrods, as well as its own online store.

Notably, the series latest egg cases are made from 70-100% recycled PET. Polyester ribbons have been replaced by cotton and paper, 90% of the surprises are contained in small bags and the egg wrapping is made from aluminium. Consequently, Venchi was able to reduce its consumption of virgin plastic by 6 tonnes compared to 2021.

Furthermore, all Venchi’s naturally vegan dark chocolate eggs have gone from 56% to 60% in cocoa content, continuing its objective for more balanced recipes with less sugar. In addition, there’s a 70% less sugar (than standard recipe) series chocolate targeting ‘guilt-free’ indulgence.

The company’s 2022 collection of Easter chocolate eggs (priced between £35-£68 include:

Designer Eggs: Raspberry & Nibs and Montezuma Nibs
Montezuma Nibs is joined by this year’s Raspberry & Nibs: white chocolate with crunchy raspberry and nibs and 100% natural colour. Enhanced by the new, elegant design inspired by the shape of its iconic Bars.

Chocoviar Eggs: Dark, Milk and Pistachio
Our Milk and Dark Chocolate Chocoviar eggs are joined by Pistachio: white chocolate, pistachio paste with toffee grains, pistachios and nibs.

Gourmet Eggs: Caramel & Salted Almonds, Salted White, Dark Chocolate & Milk Piedmont Hazelnut
This year, joining the Chocolate Piedmont Hazelnut Egg, its interior coated with whole Piedmont Hazelnuts, is the Salted White: white chocolate coated with lightly salted pistachios, almonds, and Piedmont Hazelnuts inside.
The newest feature of the 2022 Collection is the Caramel and Salted Almonds: chocolate with caramel and lightly salted and whole almonds.

Brutto & Buono Eggs: An egg comprising 30% crunchy and lightly roasted Piedmont Hazelnuts covered in pure milk, 60% dark or 70% extra-dark chocolate.


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