India’s Kocoatrait chocolate claims industry first in sustainable production transparency

Fast-rising environmentally focused Indian chocolate brand Kocoatrait has taken sustainability and business transparency to extended heights in being what is believed to be an industry first in publishing the precise cost breakdown of each of its bars, writes Neill Barston.

As the team behind the company explains, placing an enhanced commitment on issues such as zero waste, paper/plastic free enables the company to contribute positively to focusing on major interlinked issues such as climate change that the confectionery sector is connected to through cocoa sourcing in key West African nations including Ghana and Ivory Coast.

With its core aim to increase transparency, Kocoatrait’s hand crafted single origin bean-to-bar operations have now taken a decisive move to publish the cost breakdown of each of its bars for consumers to access easily on its website, which is thought to be an industry first.

“As bean to bar chocolate makers, we are totally committed towards being fair, transparent and an open book to our farmers and consumers. Our consumers trust us to produce high quality and planet friendly chocolates and we would like to set a precedence in this growing bean to bar industry globally” says L Nitin Chordia (pictured), India’s 1st certified chocolate taster and Co-Founder of Kocoatrait.

Kocoatrait, which has been among pioneering chocolate brands in the development of India’s chocolate market, having previously promoted the region’s fine chocolate segment with a series of chocolate tasting events (below). It has approached its far-reaching transparency initiative as a very logical step towards building trust/loyalty among consumers, an incentive for new bean to bar entrepreneurs in India and a driving force to propel the pace of the nascent but fast growing bean to bar chocolate industry in India.

“We dwelled over this for many weeks and we realise the potential downside to this and the insecurities this causes in a traditional business mindset. However, the pros outweigh the cons and as a forward thinking sustainable brand, we decided that this kind of transparency is necessary to remain relevant to the evolving consumer needs and business environment. We decided to keep the consumer needs as priority. This is an industry 1st effort and the aim is to respond to consumers seeking to lead a sustainable, eco/planet friendly and zero/low waste lifestyle” says Poonam Chordia, Co-Founder, Kocoatrait.

“Trust helps us build consumer loyalty and makes it easier for businesses to focus on other priority issues. We would like to give consumers enough reasons to trust and recommend us. This fits into our strategy quite easily” says L Nitin Chordia. On our website, Kocoatrait already published the amount (in kgs) of single use plastic our consumers have helped them save from being deposited into landfills by patronising their chocolate brand and this cost break up is an extension of their efforts.

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