Lindt & Sprüngli confirms merger with Italian confectionery firm Caffarel

Premium chocolate brand Lindt & Sprüngli Group has confirmed a merger move with Italian confectionery firm Caffarel, which will be integrated into its business, building upon an existing relationship between the two companies, reports Neill Barston.

The company noted that the deal, which comes into effect in January, aims to build stronger synergies between the two organisations, enhancing them under a unified business and industrial strategy, while preserving their unique distinctive traits and strong local connections.

According to Lindt, some processes of Caffarel will be integrated to increase cooperation, others will remain separate to guarantee the quality, innovation plan, and development of both companies.

The new set-up will facilitate sharing of know-how, resources, and processes, with the objective to preserve the quality of Lindt and Caffarel. The production site of Luserna San Giovanni will continue to be fundamental for the group and will remain part of an investment program introducing new technologies and processes aimed at enhancing innovation, while preserving the distinctive high quality and traditional traits.

Lindt added that the merger was identified as the most suitable solution to ensure the continuity of Caffarel’s business and a more solid future on employment, given the economic difficulties experienced by Caffarel S.p.A. within the past years also in light of the recent pandemic.

This decision to further integrate confirms Lindt & Sprüngli’s Group commitment to continue investing in both brands,  as key assets for the group, consolidating their presence in the Italian market, and preserving the features which make the two brands unique in their own ways.

In the coming months, the Lindt & Sprüngli Group will continue to work along with all involved parties to complete legal procedures and define the necessary steps leading to the integration, looking at the most suitable solutions with union organisations to support involved employees in the transition and keep the excellent relations to trade and business partners.

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