New range of food colourings

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand, which specialises in colour and printing technology for food applications, has launched Power Flowers, a new method of colouring chocolate, fillings and compound chocolate. The Power Flowers are made from tempered cocoa butter and 40% colouring agents.

Food professionals can use the Colour Master chart as a guide to apply any colour they choose to any fat based product by combining the four different Power Flowers. The four options are red, yellow, blue, and white. The process only takes a few seconds as no warming up of the food dye is necessary. Due to the high pigmentation (40%) only a few Power Flowers are needed to colour 400g of chocolate.

“I am convinced that fellow professionals such as chocolatiers, chefs, bakers and restaurant chefs will be surprised by the convenience of the Power FlowersTM”, James Berthier, chef pâtissier – chocolatier at ‘Maison Sucré Cacao’ in Paris, states,”It is the easiest and fastest way to color any chocolate or fat based product while guaranteeing color consistency and quality at the same time”.

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