Transparency remains key, emerging as highest rated trend for 2021

As one of our many stars from next week’s World Confectionery Conference, Innova Market Insights has just revealed that its top trends for 2021 is transparency of operating and clearly describing ingredients used across our favourite treats and meals.

While this is far from being a new area of concern, it’s one that has gathered significant momentum over the past year amid the pandemic, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of how vital supply chains operate and more conscious about how our food is produced.

In terms of the latest study from Innova, it found that 85% of people globally say that information on exactly what they are eating is of major importance to them. Similarly, 59% say that they want to know where their food comes from and how it is made.

With a little under a week to go until our big event on 1st June, we’ve had an extremely strong response from across our industries for our online event – and the subjects of transparency – which in turn is linked to sustainable business practices and product development, are set to feature strongly throughout our event.

On this theme, our event sponsor Cargill has just completed studies on its latest venture with the DSM bio nutrition group with which it has developed a key new sweetener range, Eversweet – which placed transparency at its core in utilising entirely natural ingredients in the natural form of stevia. It’s potential range of application as a zero calorie product is considerable, and serves as just one prime example of how industry is moving at notable pace to deliver on earlier moves towards clean label ingredients that are both better for consumers, and just as crucially, for the future of the planet as well.

In the case of Cargill’s latest breakthrough, this has been achieved through advanced fermentation processes that are able to make efficient use of the sweetest 1% of stevia leaves, without the need for huge swathes of fields to deliver the necessary products at scale – which stands as a major breakthrough for the industry. It’s this kind of creative, science-based solution that will doubtless feature considerably right across the food and drink sector, as businesses seek to dramatically enhance their environmental performance and deliver a greater range of healthier options for consumers.

So, make sure you are registered for next week’s World Confectionery Conference, which we hope will deliver more than a few welcome surprises and industry developments, including a major emulsifier product release from one of our event speakers, Palsgaard, which is anticipated to make a notable difference to chocolate manufacturing. Here’s hoping to see as many of you as possible for our virtual extravaganza-  there’s still time to register at 

Neill Barston,editor, Confectionery Production

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