Palm oil free coatings range

Edible coatings manufacturer Mantrose-Haeuser has extended its proprietary line of palm oil free polishes and glazing agents (release agents) for the confectionery industry.

According to Stephen Santos, Mantrose-Haeuser’s vice president of research and development: “There is growing awareness among consumers of the environmental impact of standard palm oil cultivation and Mantrose-Haeuser is dedicated to providing high performance coating systems that provide our customers, the confectionery products manufacturers, with the option of using ‘palm oil free’ labeling.”

Included in the new portfolio of coating products are palm oil free Certicoat antisticking polishes that deliver a combination of gloss and lubrication for gummy and liquorice products and palm oil free Crystalac glazing agents.

Certicoat 85, Certicoat 95 and Certicoat 40 are palm oil free anti-stick glazing agents for starch, pectin and gelatin gums and for molded liquorice. These new Certicoat coatings are designed with natural waxes and provide gloss, high stability, resistance to moisture and lubricity to control piece to piece sticking. Crystalac S is a fast drying, palm oil free glazing agent for many kinds of confectionery products providing shine, stability, resistance to temperature and humidity and enhanced color brightness.

Mantrose-Haeuser’s confectionery coating specialists provide hands-on support and service for Mantrose confectionery customers around the world.

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