Cargill showcases chocolate capabilities at India’s Aahar sector event

A broad array of chocolate solutions from Cargill were given a prominent showcase at the the Aahar Indian Food and Bakery Industry event in New Delhi, writes Neill Barston.

According to the company, which is set to return as part of our World Confectionery Conference plans this September, it offered a platform for its products in chip and block form, as well as demonstrating its cocoa powder capabilities for the key regional gathering this month.

The Aahar event, which took place in its 38th edition and saw Cargill contribute under a banner of “a whole world of possibilities’ in demonstrating its capabilities across chocolate, confectionery and bakery segments.

As the business explained, it showcased nnovative recipes in Bakery and Convenience Food from its “BakeZone” at its Innovation Centre in Gurgaon, using differentiated ingredient products.

Simon George, President, Cargill India, and Managing Director of Food Solutions South Asia, believed the event had considerable potential as a platform.

He said: “As we continue to grow together with our partners and customers in India, we are inspired by the exciting new opportunities ahead. Bringing together our global expertise, deep local market insights, and a strong innovation portfolio, we will continue to create safe, healthy, and innovative food solutions for the Indian market. Through Aahar, we aim to widen our reach to customers and provide comprehensive food solutions to them.”

During the event in New Delhi, the business unveiled its refreshed NatureFresh Professional Chocolate Indulgence Range that includes block chocolates, cocoa powder and chocolate chips crafted based on extensive research conducted among India’s top bakers.

They are available in four variants – Intense Dark, Dark, Milk and White variants, these products provide bakers with unique flavour of high-quality cocoa with creamy texture and superior mouthfeel, colour and sheen. Leveraging Cargill’s advanced DoMiReCo processing technology, these products ensure consistent top-notch quality, to deliver quality and meet expectations of Indian bakers. These are being distributed in slabs and chips form, these products come with a shelf life of 12-15 months and can be used in a wide range of bakery and ice cream applications like ganache, mousse, filing, garnishing, moulding and enrobing.

As the business noted, its professional portfolio also includes a major imported cocoa powder (from its Gerkens brand) adapted for the Indian bakers and regional taste preferences.

Furthermore, there were added demonstrations during the event including its modified starch solutions, which can be used as a functional ingredient in sauces and dressings, as well as trans-fat free premium bakery fats used within cookies, puffs and cakes, falling under the NatureFresh Professional brand.

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