Easter arrives for Lindt with major Gold Bunny confectionery campaign

Swiss premium chocolate brand Lindt has confirmed a major campaign in support of its classic Easter Gold Bunny, which remains one of the most instantly recognisable seasonal treats on shelves around the world, writes Neill Barston.

This year, the company has produced a new TV advert (you can see a short version of it here) in support of its famed four-legged friend, which had celebrated its 70th anniversary two years ago.

Its original delivery is owed to Rodolphe Lindt and his conching machine, which enabled chocolate to be melted down until smooth enough to coat moulds of any shape, including the creation of hollow figures. As the company revealed, a total more than 130 million were sold in 2022 across 70 countries, as the line marked seven decades in our confectionery industry.

Creative agency Leo Burnett UK developed the latest ad for the business, titled ‘Golden Trails’ and its chief creative officer, Mark Elwood, believed it would have a notable impact.

He said: “The Lindt Gold Bunny is a proper Easter icon and we wanted to create a film that fully captured its magic. The new creative ‘Golden Trails’ does just that, as we see the excitement of gifting one through the eyes of a little boy. It’s a film with plenty of heart and charm which we hope will capture the nation’s imagination.”

As the company added, over the past decade, the grand reveal of Christmas adverts has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK, evoking great excitement and nostalgia in the lead up to the festive season. Its bunny series has proved a focal point for the business in helping consumers celebrate the Easter season.

Angèle Villet, marketing director at Lindt & Sprüngli UK added: “Lindt new creative ‘Golden Trails’ brings to life the joy of connection with the Lindt Gold Bunny as the ultimate gift for all generations, making everyone’s Easter a bit more special.”


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