Caramac fans petition Nestlé to reverse decision over axed iconic chocolate brand

Chocolate fans in the UK have petitioned confectionery giant Nestlé to reverse its decision to discontinue its classic Caramac bars after 64 years of production, writes Neill Barston.

The famous brand has become a favourite among shoppers in the region, being highly distinctive for its sweet caramel flavour, that earned it a key position in its portfolio.

But according to the manufacturer, dwindling sales prompted the business to make ‘a difficult decision’ to discontinue the distinctive bars, leaving long-term fans of the brand extremely disappointed.

Now, disgruntled shoppers have approached the manufacturer to reverse its decision, which has made major media headlines this week, with a petition on started by Cara McCarthy urging the business to rethink its decision. To date, the plea to the major manufacturer has been signed by hundreds of consumers.

The petition read: “Like many of you, the Caramac bar holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just a candy bar; it’s a piece of nostalgia that takes us back to simpler times. Unfortunately, Nestle has decided to discontinue this beloved product. This decision not only affects us on an emotional level but also impacts the diversity of confectionery products in our markets.

“The Caramac bar is unique and cannot be replicated by other companies like Cadbury. Its distinct caramel and white chocolate flavour have been delighting taste buds since its introduction in 1959 by Mackintosh’s (now part of Nestle). The discontinuation means losing an iconic treat that has been part of our lives for over six decades.

“Moreover, discontinuing popular products can have economic implications too. According to Statista, Nestle had approximately 291.1 billion Swiss francs in sales worldwide in 2020 (Statista, 2021). A portion of these sales can be attributed to nostalgic favourites like the Caramac bar which still hold strong consumer demand.”

As reported by the Daily Mirror, admirers of Caramac have gone to extreme lengths to snap-up remaining supplies – with one chocolate lover revealing that he had contacted wholesalers on behalf of his family, who also love the brand, in a bid to get hold of as many bars as possible to stockpile the favoured sweet treat.

Another fan of the brand approached Confectionery Production to say they’d also approached their local stores to grab as many Caramacs as possible before they vanish from shelves in the coming months.

The brand was originally released to popular acclaim back in 1959, with the name having been settled by a competition – which was originally made by MacKintosh, where it was originally made at the firm’s former facilities in Norwich, which closed back in 1996.

From there, under Nestlé ownership, the brand was produced at the company’s Fawdon facility in Tyneside, UK, where it continued to be considered as a fan favourite.

However, the UK has experienced considerable ingredients inflation within the past two years, with chocolate confectionery prices typically increasing between 15-20%, amid wider supply chain challenges worsened by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which has continued to cause key disruption for the sector.



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    I 🤎 Caramac


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      I feel the same (I was gonna make a bunch of cornflake cakes with them,) I’ve liked caramac since I was little 😔

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