Cabosse Naturals claims global roll-out first for cacaofruit powder

A global commercial first has been claimed by Barry Callebaut subsidiary brand Cabosse Naturals, in devising a 100% pure cacaofruit powder, designed to replace refined sugar in an array of applications including confectionery and ice cream, reports Neill Barston.

The series, which has been refined in its development over the past couple of years, comes in addition to an existing ingredient range of pulp, juice and concentrate, its launch has come in response to heightened demand for lower sugar, environmentally mindful product ranges.

As the company noted, by using Cabosse Naturals’ upcycled cacaofruit ingredients in their applications, artisans and brands are also able to apply for an Upcycled Certified mark on packaging – the world’s first mark certifying upcycled food in products, enabling consumers to make an impact-informed purchase and help prevent food waste. Confectionery Production has previously covered Cabosse launches – which have highlighted the fact that 70% of each cacaofruit had typically been wasted until now.

Consequently, it has been labelled as ‘the most discarded fruit on the planet,’ which brands including Cabosse are now aiming to address this through making full use of the fruit’s nutritious pulp, which surrounds its beans that are which are a core chocolate ingredients.

The cacaofruit’s zesty signature flavour has been developed to offer a refreshing taste, offering complex notes and natural sweetness to ingredients, which are very versatile and can be used in a number of other ways beyond confectionery including dairy products and snacks. As previously reported, the extended use of cacaofruit has been explored in recent years by other manufacturers, but this is believed by the company to be the first offered in powder form in large-scale production form.

Confectionery Production attended last year’s Choco Tec event in Cologne, at which Cabosse presented its existing range of products (below), which the business confirmed had met with enthusiasm from consumers and the wider industry alike.

William Angleys, sales director at Cabosse Naturals commented: “This new powder brings the characteristic fresh fruitiness of the cacaofruit pulp to new creations and, thanks to its fruity taste and natural sweetness, it can replace refined sugar in fat-based fillings in confectionery and ice cream. It also brings a lovely taste and it is upcycled.”

The new powder is anticipated to be released later this year, following the release of other products in its series – last year, Waitrose became the first supermarket to feature the brand’s  WholeFruit Special Edition Bar, which uses the pulp of the fruit which gives it a bright unique citrus taste to chocolate bar.


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