UK’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair set to reveal diverse confectionery treats

The UK’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair is anticipate to reveal a broad range of innovations within the sector, including some notable snacks and confectionery, writes Neill Barston.

Taking place at Olympia in London between 5-6 September, it will offer a launchpad for a number of new lines being released from British businesses and companies from far further afield.

As its organisers explain, this year’s event will be no exception in the creativity stakes, with showcases featuring speciality confectionery products, from liquorice and nougat to honeycomb bites and dark chocolate cranberries.

Among the companies exhibiting this year will be , Joypots, which offers a dynamic selection of  honeycomb bites, dark chocolate ginger and milk chocolate orange peel confections. They have also just launched a new savoury nibbles range including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free varieties. A splendid choice of mouth-watering flavours which are perfect for gifting, sharing or self-indulging!

For its part, Chocobel has been supplying  the independent trade for over 16 years, specialising in the wholesale importation and distribution of liquorice, sugar free, no added sugar, sugar reduced, free from and vegan ranges.

It has become a market leader of confectionary wholesalers in the UK for sugar-free and no added sugar products thanks to their comprehensive selection of 1,000 confectionary lines, including around 300 different sugar free products.

Another notable entry for the event will be Copperpot fudge (pictured), with the business being based in St.Ives, Cornwall, and enjoying a strong market across Europe. The business uses finest ingredients, cooking them to the perfect temperature, and their team of highly talented kitchen chefs.

Furthermore, another one to watch is Ask Mummy & Daddy, founded by Kane Dowell in 2017. The business was set up to create a range of premium, high-concept sweets that were perfect to give as gift boxes. After visiting locations including Hong Kong, the USA and Australia as an adult, Kane was amazed by their sweets: they had so many inventive flavours and incredible packaging. He was inspired to create his own unique assorted confectionery for gifting, all made in the UK with biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Meanwhile, Canasuc has focused on finesse, creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind sugars which have the elegant shape of a heart, a rose or a feather.

Lastly, Klepper & Klepper promises some fine developments within the liquorice field, having gained more than 30 years in the business.

The Klepper & Klepper team like to consider it a nostalgic bite, a reminder of the drugstore liquorice of times long gone. He put the ingredients down on paper and, together with Klepper Jr., they set off to a liquorice manufacturer. After some time experimenting with measurements and drying times, they finally succeed: the most delicious liquorice ever is ready to be sold. For further information on the event, visit

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