Yowie goes wild for its animals with superpowers chocolate series

The global Yowie Group has released its latest surprise-inside egg collection, “Animals with Superpowers,” including dingos, hyenas and amur leopards, featuring sustainably sourced chocolate.

As the company explained, the range, which spans wildlife talents varying from extraordinary shapeshifting, infrared vision and magnetism to the super silly powers of stinking and super-sticky feet.  There’s even a super rare, surprise collectible item in the mix to be released later this year.

“For the first time we are including insects in a limited edition Yowie Series,” said Cynthia Thayer, Global CMO at Yowie Group. “Collectors can be on the lookout for a peacock tarantula and a rusty-patched bumble bee. Animals with Superpowers also include two new species discovered in recent years – a mutable rain frog discovered in 2009 and a ruby-eyed green pit viper discovered in 2011. There’s even an opportunity to obtain Nap and Crag as collectible glitter characters.

”While comic book superheroes are amazing, they are make-believe. We’re excited to bring genuine superhero animals to kids who are eager to learn about the natural world and its inhabitants,” said Mark Schuessler, Global CEO at Yowie Group. “There’s an opportunity to obtain 20 new collectibles, including 18 incredibly fascinating endangered animals. Yowie values providing 100 percent milk chocolate treats to children while also making learning about wildlife and endangered species fun


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