Cama packaging machinery marks 40 years serving confectionery and bakery markets

The management of Italian-headquartered packaging equipment group Cama have praised its operations across the world, as the company celebrates 40 years in business, writes Neill Barston.

Speaking to Confectionery Production, Daniele and Annalisa Bellante have paid tribute to the work of its global employee base, as the firm continued to evolve its range of machinery and systems amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As previously reported for our special feature on the company, it has been developing a new headquarters at its site near lake Lecco, as it expands its work on machinery lines with advanced robotics capabilities serving market segments including confectionery and snacks products around the world.

Earlier this month, the company featured alongside Italian chocolate company as part of our World Confectionery Conference, and has continued to progress its operations in forming a national smart packaging hub with six other industrial businesses to deliver technology-based innovations.

Last year, the business further expanded its international reach in completing Asian packaging machinery facilities in Shanghai, China, while enhancing its technical capabilities with an updated factory acceptance testing service in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“This year is a very special year for Cama. We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary. We have certainly come a long way since we produced our first machine back in 1981.

“Today our turnover, global subsidiaries and multi-domain experience have established us as one of the most well-known and respected brands in secondary packaging for the food and non-food industries. We would like to celebrate our success with our subsidiaries and factories around the world, and express our gratitude to all our employees who have contributed to our continuing success,” explained Annalisa & Daniele Bellante, of the company’s senior management.

As the company explained, Since 1981, Cama has partnered with customers of all sizes — including many in the confectionery market – to offer complete, high technology secondary packaging systems. Solutions offered include cartoning and sleeving systems, case packers, and robotic systems.

The family-owned firm was founded by Paolo Bellante and is now run by the Bellante family’s second generation, Daniele and Annalisa. Today the Cama Group includes eight subsidiaries around the world, including Cama North America in Buffalo Grove, IL, as well as France, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, and The Netherlands.

Through the years, the Cama Group staff has grown up to 350 employees, including highly skilled engineers and technicians, sales consultants, sales engineers, and our own packaging consulting department.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the design and testing of packaging paperboard and cardboard, the Cama Packaging Department is available to help customers achieve high efficiency, improve sustainability and reduce material costs. In addition, the group annually invests 5% of sales in R&D to offer its customers innovative solutions.

The company’s well-established packaging knowledge, combined with a unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), represent its ability to tackle complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as flow-wraps, bags, and trays, up to the supply of final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletising.


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