Hames Chocolates’ manufacturing set to be powered by eco-friendly solar panels

A key sustainability measure is being made by British confectionery business Hames Chocolates, which is set to invest in new solar panels that is anticipated to enhance energy efficiency and cut its emissions, reports Neill Barston.

The Lincolnshire firm, which has specialised in private label product lines, as well as venturing into producing its own lines, confirmed that its latest environmentally-friendly move is expected supply half of its electricity requirements, equivalent to planting 1,200 trees a year.

In a previous video interview with Confectionery Production the business explained that ensuring efficient and sustainable production methods has been a priority for the business, along with support for its close-knit manufacturing team.

Carol Oldbury, Managing Director of Hames Chocolates, commented: “Manufacturing chocolate in an ethical and sustainable way is hugely important us, which is why we have made the move to install solar panels. This is the latest step in our commitment to the environment, which also includes working closely with organisations such as the Rainforest Alliance (ra.org) and Cocoa Horizons (cocoahorizons.org), to make sure our cocoa is supplied from ethical and more sustainable resources.

“Our work with the Rainforest Alliance & Cocoa Horizons, for example, sees us helping to protect cocoa-growing communities, as well as the planet when purchasing our cocoa, whilst never compromising on quality. We pay an additional premium for our cocoa based products to enable the certification programmes fund schemes to increase cocoa farmer productivity, improve their community and protect the environment.

“In addition to only sourcing premium, more sustainable cocoa, we ensure our packaging is as free from plastic as possible. This includes using FSC-certified wood for our lollipop sticks and hot chocolate spoons, as well as recyclable foil and cardboard for our chocolate and Easter egg packaging.”

The company has now been supplying the private label sector for more than 15 years, which is a trend that a number of other businesses across the industry are now following amid disrupted trading conditions, with such opportunities offering a valuable revenue stream.

Moreover, the business has continued to work with high street confectionery brands, as well as specialist retailers, as its portfolio has continued to expand, covering chocolate bars, filled chocolates, as well as seasonal specialities.

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