Goupie switch to compostable bags

Kent-based chocolate maker Goupie has replaced its recyclable PP bags with a compostable alternative.

“We had been hesitant in the move from recyclable to compostable, as we weren’t entirely sure that many of our customers would know what to do with the new bags,” said Grace Simpson, brand manager at Goupie.

After speaking to packaging manufacturers and industry experts at trade shows, and asking its customers, Goupie decided that moving a compostable alternative really was the considerate choice. Moreover, it concluded that the best way to improve the public’s awareness of composting, was to be part of the movement itself.

“We wanted to make sure that we were making a move that genuinely improved our environmental impact as a company, rather than rushing into the decision because of the current stigma around plastics,” said Grace. “It’s easy to make these changes surrounding the hype, but as we found with our research on RSPO Palm Oil, sometimes by switching away from a controlled system you can do more harm than good.”

Goupie worked with its supplier to come up with a new bag design, which clearly instructs the customer on how to dispose of the packaging.

“Although we’re still not perfect in our desire to be a completely circular company, we truly feel that this move has brought us one step closer to our goal. We’re determined to develop as a company, and never want to be in a position where we’re saying “we’ve done enough now” because there’s always improvements to be made,” said Grace.

Goupie consists of a cocoa-rich syrup base which is filled with toasted rice and other natural fillings before being enrobed in a 54% Belgian chocolate. Goupie is available in 19 flavours through Hider Foods, Suma Wholefoods, Cress Co, Holley’s Fine Foods, Shire Foods, The Gorgeous Food Company, Enterprise Foods and HF Chocolates, or direct online at www.goupiechocolate.com.

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