ANL France invests €12 million in new packaging facilities

Packaging firm ANL France invited guests from across the sector to inaugurate its new factory facilities in Cahors Sud business park in Montat, involving €12 million investment into its development.

The company, which operates in a number of segments including specialist trays for the confectionery business, has declared the new 6400m2 site (pictured under construction) designed by Franck Martinez, officially open after 15 months of work on the project.

As the business explained, it has now expanded to employ 48 people, and had a turnover of €16 million in 2018.

Among the programme for the inaugural event were two conferences on the plastics market, as well as a guided tour into the new facility. This was undertaken in the presence of elected officials, customers and companies that participated into this major project (Grenier, Eiffage, HBR, BâtiRéa, Mercadier TP).

ANL France was created in January 1991 on the initiative of Jean Neven, the group’s former CEO. Led by Filip Mertens, developing a specialism in thermoforming of plastic packaging for the food and non-food market. The company’s business focus has been largely across France and the south of Europe.

For more than 50 years, the company’s wider group, ANL Plastics, has developed and produced plastic containers that meet the increasing expectations and demands of both consumers and producers. Its customised solutions have been devised with a strong focus on quality in terms of product protection, design and durability.


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